Table 1.

Baseline personal and medical data for 177 posttreatment breast cancer survivors

Demographic and medical dataDescriptive coefficient
Age, mean (SD), y54.93 (11.1)
Weight status
 BMI (mean, SD)a26.31 (5.8)
 Normal weight (%)48.6
 Overweight (%)51.4
  BMI 25–29.99 kg/m231.1
  BMI ≥ 30 kg/m220.3
 WHtR (Mean, SD)0.56 (0.09)
 WHtR > 0.5 (%)71.8
 WC, cm90.30 (15.06)
 WC > 88 (%)53.8
Race (% White)84.7
Education level (%)
 <High school5.6
 High school diploma23.2
 College/technical diploma/certificate18.6
 University degree28.2
 Postgraduate degree24.3
Marital status (%)
Menopause (%)
Stage of breast cancer (%)
Type of treatment (%)
 Single mastectomy (yes)27.1
 Double mastectomy (yes)15.8
 Chemotherapy (yes)63.3
 Radiation (yes)90.4
 Lumpectomy (yes)60.5
 Hormonal therapy (yes)52.5
Months since diagnosis10.59 (3.41)
Months since treatment (mean, SD)3.49 (2.36)

Abbreviation: WC, waist circumference.