Table 3.

Application of EBNA1 IgA as screening tool for incident NPC in high-risk multiplex Taiwanese family members (40+ years of age)

Screened population5-year NPC riskSensitivitySpecificityNo. of screened/NPC casecNo. of screen-positive/NPC cased
Taiwanese multiplex family members (40+)762/100,000a80%b58%16469
Taiwanese multiplex family members (40+)762/100,00090%e40%14688
  • aEleven NPC cases were ascertained among 1,444 high-risk Taiwan multiplex family study participants at least 40 years of age at the time of the baseline blood draw (14).

  • bSensitivity and specificity generated from EBNA1 IgA COV = 0.72.

  • cNumber of screened per NPC case detected = 1/(sensitivity × 5-year NPC risk).

  • dNumber of screen-positive per NPC case detected = 1/(positive predictive value).

  • eSensitivity and specificity generated from EBNA1 IgA COV = 0.61.