Table 4.

Mean serum PSA concentration at biopsya by prevalence and extent of inflammation assessed in benign prostate tissue from biopsy cores in the controls and prostate cancer cases, placebo arm, and the PCPT

At least one biopsy core with inflammationExtent of biopsy cores with inflammation
 Total (N)4616310954
  Mean PSA at biopsy (ng/mL)<0.0001
 Without indication for biopsy (N)4214910247
  Mean PSA at biopsy (ng/mL)
 Total (N)2616510065
  Mean PSA at biopsy (ng/mL)
 Detected on a for-cause biopsy (N)11835033
  Mean PSA at biopsy (ng/mL)
 Detected on an end-of-study biopsyc (N)15825032
  Mean PSA at biopsy (ng/mL)
  • aFrom linear regression models adjusting for age at baseline.

  • bAcross no (zero), some, all biopsy cores with inflammation. Reference is men with “No” (zero) biopsy cores with inflammation.

  • cWithout an indication for biopsy.