Table 5.

Associations of markers of oxidative stress and inflammation with incident, sporadic colorectal adenoma

BiomarkeraCasescControlscOR (95% CI)bP
 High80791.89 (1.08–3.30)
Log (continuous)1191551.38 (0.79–2.38)
 High82941.82 (1.11–2.99)
Log (continuous)1261911.32 (0.94–1.87)
 High84991.45 (0.88–2.40)
Log (continuous)1392011.14 (0.97–1.33)
  • aEach biomarker was dichotomized into “high” and “low” based on sex-specific median values among controls.

  • bAdjusted for age, race, sex, BMI, total energy intake, plasma cholesterol, and family history of colorectal cancer in a first-degree relative, hormone replacement therapy (among women), dietary fiber, physical activity, and study (MAP I or MAP II).

  • cTotal numbers of subjects in the models differ due to missing covariate or biomarker data.