Table 3.

Multivariate associations between diet quality and death from any cause, stratified analysis by ER status

Poor-quality dietMixed-quality dietBetter-quality diet
Healthy Eating Index-2005 Score Quartile 1 (34–63)Healthy Eating Index-2005 Score Quartile 2 (63–71)Healthy Eating Index-2005 Score Quartile 3 (71–77)Healthy Eating Index-2005 Score Quartile 4 (77–91)PtrendPinteraction
 Death from any cause (n)81747157
 Multivariate-adjusted HR of all-cause mortality (95% CI)a1.000.82 (0.59–1.13)0.71 (0.51–0.99)0.55 (0.38–0.79)0.0009
 Death from any cause (n)25161520
 Multivariate-adjusted HR of all-cause mortality (95% CI)a1.000.90 (0.46–1.76)0.92 (0.46–1.83)1.14 (0.58–2.23)0.811

NOTE: For 2,075 participants with known ER status.

  • aAdjusted for age at screening visit (continuous), WHI component (WHI-DM-intervention, WHI-DM-control, or OS), ethnicity (White non-Hispanic, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, other, missing), income (<20,000, 20,000–49,999, ≥50,000, missing), education (high school or below, some college, college, postgraduate, missing), stage (localized, regional, distant, unknown), progesterone receptor status (positive, negative, unknown), time since diagnosis (continuous), energy intake in kcals (continuous), physical activity in MET-h/wk (0, 0.1–3, 3.1–8.9, 9+, unknown), servings of alcohol per week (continuous), and use of postmenopausal hormone therapy (never, former, current).