Table 5.

Coffee intake and gastric cancer risk among cases and controls nested within the Singapore Chinese Health Study

Coffee intakeCases/controls, nMultivariable-adjusted OR (95% CI)aH. pylori–adjusted OR (95% CI)b
 Daily88/2820.54 (0.31–0.91)0.50 (0.29–0.86)
 Daily60/1780.84 (0.43–1.65)0.76 (0.38–1.52)
 Daily28/1040.22 (0.08–0.56)0.21 (0.08–0.56)
  • aORs are adjusted for age (years), gender (in overall model only), interview year (1993–1995, 1996–1998), dialect (Hokkien, Cantonese), education (less than secondary, secondary or greater), cigarette smoking status (never, former, current), number of cigarettes smoked per day (never, 1–12, ≥13), years smoked (never, 1–39, ≥40), body mass index (<20, 20–<24, 24–<28, ≥28 kg/m2), caffeine (mg/day), total energy intake (kcal/day), and date of biospecimen collection.

  • bORs are adjusted for the same covariates as in model (a), in addition to H. pylori serology status.