Table 2.

Pre- and postclinical trial knowledge items, correct percentages (t scores, P values)

N = 247
Pre-test correct percentPost-test correct percentPa
Clinical trials knowledge
1. Understand what are cancer clinical trials63.288.30.000b
2. Know that the new approach is not necessarily better that the one currently being used with other patients59.965.20.177
Clinical trial disparities
3. Know participation rates in clinical trials are low for minority groups33.653.80.000b
Randomization procedure
4. Understand cancer patients are not told about the option of getting their care through a clinical trial17.838.90.000b
5. Know that a percentage of patients may get a placebo1920.20.648
6. Know that treatment to patients is chosen randomly, doctors cannot pick the best treatment to give the patient67.282.60.000b
7. Understand that the treatment you get is decided by chance in a clinical trial39.751.80.001b
Informed consent procedure
8. Know that the law requires doctors and nurses explain all risks and benefits before someone agrees to join74.987.40.000b
9. Know that patients must sign the informed consent before entry65.681.80.000b
Participant rights
10. Know participants have the right to withdraw from a clinical trial at any time68.088.70.000b
11. Know that joining a clinical trial is entirely voluntary82.289.90.007b
12. Understand a patient cannot be required to have additional tests if he/she enters a trial20.625.50.019b
13. Understand that patients will not get the other treatment offered in the trial if they don't get the treatment they wanted46.661.50.000b
14. Understand that joining in clinical trial does not mean free of charge for all cares received5.315.40.000b
15. Understand that the risk of participating in clinical trials does not always outweigh the benefits28.336.40.015b
Benefits of clinical trials
16. Know that people treated for cancer are now living longer because of progress of clinical trials75.383.80.008b
Fear/mistrust to researchers
17. Believe that patients may be placed into a clinical trial without knowing it55.155.90.906
18. Believe that the medical records and names of patients in clinical trials will not be published55.554.30.822
19. Do not believe that participant almost never gets a placebo in a clinical trial85.277.30.033b
20. Do not believe doctors cannot require patients to join a clinical trial even if it asks a very important question86.685.00.618
Barriers of participation
21. Do not believe that patients only join a treatment clinical trial when no other treatments have worked70.067.20.419
22. Do not believe that the mistrust of medical care system is the only major barrier for participating in a cancer clinical trial89.587.40.511
  • aMcNemar test was used to identify significant differences between pre- and post-test knowledge items.

  • bIndicates significant differences between pre- and post-test scores.