Table 1.

Summary of molecular studies that investigated MMR deficiency status of prostate cancer tumors of men with Lynch syndrome

No. of MMR-deficienta prostate cancer/No. of confirmed MMR gene mutation carriersNo. of MSI-H tumor/No. of tumor tested for MSINo. of tumor with absence of MMR protein expression in IHC/No. of tumor tested by IHCMMR gene mutated
Single case study
Soravia et al. (16)1/11/11/1MSH2
Wagner et al. (17)1/11/11/1MSH2
Case series
Bauer et al. (21)2/22/2NTMSH2
Buttin et al. (18)1/20/11/2MSH6
Grindedal (19)7/8NT7/8MSH2, MSH6
Rosty et al. (20)22/325/1022/32MLH1, MSH2, MSH6

Abbreviation: NT, not tested.

  • aDisplaying high MSI (MSI-H) and/or absence of MMR protein expression in immunohistochemistry.