Table 4.

Univariable analysis to investigate the association of child feeding behavioral habits of household with child HHV-8 seropositivity in Lusaka, Zambia, 2004–2007

CharacteristicOR95% CIP
Breastfeeding practices
 Child has ever been breastfed0.40.21–0.74<0.01a
 Child is currently being breastfed0.50.27–0.880.01a
 Primary caregiver moistens nipples with saliva before breastfeeding1.00.38–2.210.96
 Adult premasticates food before sharing with children1.20.60–2.720.61
 Primary caregiver performs premastication1.10.54–2.470.86
 Other household members perform the premastication1.80.51–5.680.35
Adult feeding variables
 Primary caregiver testing temp of food with tongue before sharing with child1.60.91–2.890.09
 Blowing on food before sharing with child1.10.67–1.900.69
 Sucking on sweets before sharing with child1.10.61–1.890.80
Child and household food sharing variables
 Child shares sweets with other neighborhood children0.90.44–2.020.71
 Child shares sweets with other household members1.10.64–1.890.87
 Child shares drinks with other children0.50.24–1.370.19
 Household members share common utensils for meals0.80.34–1.880.58
 Household members share drinks with child1.00.50–1.840.89
  • aSignificant at α level of 0.05.