Table 3.

Association between OBS (with and without inclusion of γ-tocopherol) and incident, sporadic colorectal adenoma

Cases (n)aControls (n)aOR (95% CI)bP trend
OBS without γ-tocopherol (range, 2–24)
 Interval 1 (OBS, 2–9)44431.00.04
 Interval 2 (OBS, 10–16)811140.81 (0.46–1.43)
 Interval 3 (OBS, 17–24)14440.39 (0.17–0.89)
OBS as continuous variable1392010.93 (0.87–0.99)
OBS with γ-tocopherol (range, 2–25)
 Interval 1 (OBS, 2–9)34311.00.04
 Interval 2 (OBS, 10–17)881260.76 (0.40–1.43)
 Interval 3 (OBS, 18–25)17440.40 (0.17–0.97)
OBS as continuous variable1392010.93 (0.88–0.99)
  • aTotal number of subjects in the models is lower due to missing covariate data.

  • bAdjusted for age, race, sex, BMI, total energy intake, plasma cholesterol, and family history of colorectal cancer in a first-degree relative, hormone replacement therapy (among women), dietary fiber, physical activity, and study (MAP I or MAP II).