Table 4.

Subgroup analysis of elevated CRP (>10 mg/L) and risk of breast cancer–specific mortality in breast cancer survivors in the WHEL study

Stratified multivariable-adjusted model
Stratified models of association by upper quartile of CRPNo. of eventsNHR95% CIPa
Age, y0.92
BMI, kg/m20.56
Tumor stage0.32
Tumor ER0.18
 ER positive1202,1711.981.17–3.38
 ER negative667101.330.65–2.72
 No history of CVD1111,8011.440.93–2.22
 History of CVD396051.170.56–2.43
 No history of arthritis1211,9441.470.94–2.59
 History of arthritis294622.820.99–8.00
Type 2 diabetes0.65
 No history of T2DM1392,2951.460.86–2.50
 History of T2DM111112.270.55–9.44

NOTE: Adjusted for the following variables, including age, time since diagnosis tumor, postmenopausal status, tumor stage, tumor grade, race–ethnicity, BMI, anti-estrogen use, and ER/PR status, unless stratified by specific variable.

  • aTwo-sided P for interaction.