Table 2.

Univariable analysis to investigate the association of HHV-8 serologic status of household members with child HHV-8 seropositivity in Lusaka, Zambia, 2004–2007

CharacteristicOR95% CIP
Adult and household HHV-8 risk factors
 ≥1 household member HHV-8+2.71.23–5.780.01a
 Increasing number of HHV-8+ household members2.51.91–3.21<0.01a
 Primary caregiver HHV-8+2.51.44–4.32<0.01a
 Mother HHV-8+2.71.48–4.77<0.01a
 Father HHV-8+1.20.49–2.670.66
 ≥1 adult household member HHV-8+2.11.11–3.920.03a
 Increasing number HHV-8+ adult household members1.81.22–2.51<0.01a
Youth HHV-8 risk factors
 ≥1 household youth HHV-8+1.40.70–2.840.30
 Increasing number of household youth HHV-8+1.30.90–1.990.16
 Any other household child HHV-8+1.30.66–2.740.52

NOTE: Total numbers vary reflecting family members enrolled in study.

  • aSignificant at α level of 0.05.