Table 1.

Demographic and background characteristics of study sample at baseline

Demographic and background characteristicsFOBT (+), N = 45%FOBT (−), N = 96%P
Age, y
 Mean age59.858.6
 African American/Black70
 Asian Pacific Islander26
 American Indian/Native American01
 Multiple races endorsed50
Marital status
 Married or living with partner6769
 Not married or living with a partner33310.83
 High school grad/GED1816
 Some college, no degree4737
 Bachelor's degree or higher36470.44
Employment status
 Full-time or part-time5669
Family history of colorectal cancer
 Do not know1330.13

NOTE: P values are from χ2 tests of homogeneity for categorical variables, and from t test for age in years, accommodating unequal variances.

Participants who did not respond are as follows: race, 2 FOBT (+) and 8 FOBT (−) participants; marital status, 2 FOBT (+) and 8 FOBT (−) participants; education, 2 FOBT (−) participants; employment status, 2 FOBT (−) participants; family history, 1 FOBT (−) group participant.