Table 1.

Characteristics of pancreatic cancer cases and control subjects (median and interquartile range or proportion)

CharacteristicCase subjects (n = 353)Control subjects (n = 353)Two-sided Pa
Age, y (range)57 (53–61)57 (54–61)0.90
Body mass index, kg/m226.1 (23.8–28.3)26.1 (23.8–28.8)0.90
Primary school education or less, %73%80%0.32b
Living in a city, %65%59%0.29b
History of, %
 Peptic or duodenal ulcer16.4%15.6%0.78b
 Diabetes mellitus5.38%5.10%0.87b
Family history of pancreatic cancer, %3.68%1.98%0.18b
Smoking habits
 Years of smoking (range)36 (32–42)37 (32–42)0.93
 Total cigarettes smoked/day (range)20 (15–25)20 (15–25)0.32
Dietary intake, per day
 Energy, kcal2587 (2105–3074)2606 (2138–3093)0.70
 Total fat intakec45.6 (41.9–49.5)45.8 (41.9–49.5)0.89
Missing less than 10 teeth, %33%28%0.22b
  • aWilcoxon rank sum test.

  • bχ2 tests.

  • cEnergy adjusted using the residual method.