Table 2.

Mean blood marker concentrations for the low and high TCDD-exposed groups and the linear estimates of the association between blood markers and TCDDcurrent levels

High-exposed (n = 47)Low-exposed (n = 38)Multivariate linear modelb
GM (GSD)GM (GSD)PaEstimates95% CI
sCD3023.95 (1.51)24.55 (1.43)0.77−0.034−0.083–0.014
sCD2772.07 (2.11)74.49 (1.40)0.80−0.053−0.129–0.023
IL1RA458.98 (1.88)473.76 (1.93)0.82−0.074−0.152–0.003

Abbreviations: GM, geometric mean; GSD, geometric standard deviation.

  • aP values are from t tests of natural log-transformed values.

  • bCovariates included in the multivariate models were age, body mass index, alcohol intake, smoking, chronic disease, chronic inflammatory disease, infectious disease within 4 weeks before blood sampling, and medication. Linear estimates are based on log-transformed values of blood markers and TCDD measurements.