Table 4.

HRs and 95% CIs of PTEN expression to predict time to lethal prostate cancer in the HPFS (1986–2010) and PHS (1983–2010) Prostate Tumor Cohort, stratified by IGF-IR expression

Low score of IGF-IR expressionHigh score of IGF-IR expression
PTEN expressionNo. of lethal casesHRa (95% CI)No. of lethal casesHRa (95% CI)Pinteraction
Percent staining
Per 10% decrease311.3 (0.96–1.7)330.96 (0.77–1.2)0.14b
Q1—Lower1217.6 (1.7–184)100.77 (0.26–2.2)
Q2510.4 (0.94–115)60.49 (0.14–1.8)
Q31213.3 (1.3–134)91.1 (0.37–3.6)
Low percent (<32%)2913.8 (1.5–130)250.78 (0.31–2.0)0.03b
Multiplicative score
Per SD decrease311.7 (0.92–3.2)330.94 (0.60–1.5)0.15b
Q1—lower1212.7 (1.3–127)100.98 (0.30–3.1)
Q247.6 (0.66–87)60.78 (0.20–3.1)
Q31312.4 (1.2–132)111.9 (0.57–6.3)
Low score (<32.25)2911.3 (1.2–109)271.2 (0.41–3.6)0.09b

NOTE: Lethal prostate cancer is defined as fatal prostate cancer or distant metastasis.

  • aHRs adjusted for age at diagnosis, diagnosis era, baseline BMI, smoking status, tumor stage, Gleason grade, and PSA at diagnosis.

  • bWald test was used to test the beta-coefficients of the cross-product terms between PTEN and IGF-IR expression.