Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of CPS-II Nutrition Cohort women according to level of recreational physical activity measured as MET expenditure per week

Characteristic(n = 6,747)(n = 25,084)(n = 23,743)(n = 13,649)(n = 2,391)(n = 2,001)
Median MET-h/wk0.03.513.524.535.552.5
Average age in 1992, y62.662.762.762.962.462.6
Age-adjusted percentagea
 High school graduate or less47.339.334.934.528.626.1
 Some college or trade29.331.631.631.634.431.5
 College graduate22.728.532.933.236.641.8
Sitting h/d
BMI, kg/m2
Adult weight change
 >5 lb. loss6.
 ≤5 lb. gain or loss6.
 >5 to 15 lb. gain11.914.517.118.723.321.0
 >15 to 25 lb. gain14.117.218.619.018.517.3
 >25 to 35 lb. gain14.616.316.015.814.713.2
 >35 lb. gain45.737.531.626.721.020.6
Alcohol intake
 <1 drink/d30.235.840.139.943.742.4
 1+ drink/d10.911.112.313.817.517.8
Smoking status
 Current smoker13.
 Former smoker34.332.736.637.641.841.8
 Smoker-status unknown0.
Age at menopause, y
Number live births by age at first live birth
 No live births7.
 <24, 1–2 live births16.616.
 25–29, 1–2 live births11.511.512.111.611.813.2
 30+, 1–2 live births6.
 <20, 3+ live births8.
 20–24, 3+ live births30.832.633.633.035.133.1
 25+, 3+ live births15.717.317.617.318.418.4
PMH use
History of breast cysts
Organs removed
 None or 1 ovary only59.360.260.960.760.859.8
 Uterus/1 or unknown ovaries17.718.117.517.518.217.4
 Both ovaries20.419.920.020.119.420.7
Family history of breast cancer
 Not within the last year42.134.531.932.129.928.5
 Within the last year56.764.767.367.169.370.9
  • aAdjusted to the age distribution of the Nutrition Cohort women.