Table 2.

Number of nonmelanoma skin cancer and melanoma events by overall trial and sensitivity analysis

Number of cases (annualized %)
Overall trialIntervention (n = 19,541)Comparison (n = 29,294)HR (95% CI)aPb
NMSC1,923 (1.28)2,984 (1.32)0.98 (0.92–1.04)0.44
Melanoma114 (0.07)165 (0.07)1.04 (0.82–1.32)0.78
Number of cases (annualized %)
Sensitivity analysiscInterventionComparisonHR (95% CI)aPb
NMSC977 (1.27)2,470 (1.34)0.99 (0.92–1.07)0.76
Melanoma54 (0.07)136 (0.07)1.04 (0.75–1.43)0.83
  • aAll models were adjusted for age, assignment in the Hormone Therapy trial, and assignment in the Calcium/Vitamin D trial.

  • b2-sided (from Cox proportional hazards model).

  • cSensitivity analysis censored women who did not comply with trial requirements (e.g., participants from the intervention group who missed an annual clinic visit, failed to participate in ≥9 of the 18 first year group sessions, or failed to participate in ≥2 of the 4 group sessions in subsequent years; or comparison participants who missed an annual clinic visit).