Table 1.

Baseline characteristics by quintiles of height in the WHI

Quintiles of height in cm
Mean person-years295,762312,015315,329314,447315,208
Mean age (y)65.163.863.062.361.1
Mean weight (kg)66.870.973.575.779.8
Mean BMI (kg/m2)28.528.228.127.727.4
Mean MET-h/wka11.411.811.912.012.2
Mean pack-years of smoking8.
Mean servings of alcohol/wk1.
Education, % >16 y23.126.427.730.434.9
 White, %72.581.784.686.187.3
 Black, %
 Hispanic, %
 Other, %
Income ≥$75,00013.216.717.920.123.0
Parity, % nulliparous10.910.611.011.214.4
Age of menarche,% <12 y27.123.421.920.116.9
Age at first birth,% ≥30 yb10.
Oral contraceptive use, % ever33.839.142.345.349.3
Hormone therapy, % ever52.454.757.558.160.3
Current smokers, %
Mammography screeningc81.982.783.384.084.5
Pap screeningd86.388.488.689.590.0
Colorectal cancer screeninge43.243.744.544.444.2
  • aDefined as caloric need per kilogram of body weight per hour of activity divided by the caloric need per kilogram of body weight per hour of rest, per hour per week.

  • bN parous women = 117,603.

  • cHad mammogram within past 2 years.

  • dHad Pap screening within past 3 years.

  • eHad any screening in the year before year 1 visit: rectal exam, Hemoccult, or colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy.