Table 5.

Self-reported heartburn frequency, medication history, and laryngopharyngeal carcinoma risk stratified by HPV16 L1 antibody serostatus

ncases/ncontrolORa (95% CI)
Heartburn frequency
HPV16 L1 negative
 Never had heartburn99/298Reference
 Rare116/3061.14 (0.80–1.62)
 Often/extreme49/1361.17 (0.75–1.83)
HPV16 L1 positivePinteraction = 0.43
 Never had heartburn62/19Reference
 Rare86/270.94 (0.43–2.06)
 Often/extreme50/72.27 (0.79–6.52)
Heartburn medication historybd
HPV16 L1 negative
 Heartburn—never took medicine74/192Reference
 Heartburn—antacids only60/2510.50 (0.29–0.85)
 Heartburn—PPI and/or histamine H2 receptor antagonist88/1931.59 (0.88–2.87)
HPV16 L1 positivePinteraction = 0.29
 Heartburn—never took medicine41/13Reference
 Heartburn—antacids only44/170.73 (0.23–2.36)
 Heartburn—PPI and/or histamine H2 receptor antagonist62/150.54 (0.15–1.96)

NOTE: Significant results are shown in bold type

Abbreviation: PPI, proton pump inhibitor.

  • aAdjusted for age, sex, race, smoking, alcohol consumption, HPV16 exposure, education, and BMI.

  • bRestricted to subjects reporting ever having heartburn.

  • cAdditionally adjusted for heartburn frequency.

  • dSubjects reporting treatment of heartburn solely with other medications or home remedies only were excluded from the analysis due to low frequency of occurrence.