Table 2.

Multivariable model for risk of current smokeless tobacco use among adult male survivors of childhood cancer

Risk ratio95% CIP
Age at cancer diagnosis
 0–9 years1.46(1.05, 2.01)0.02
 10–20 years (referent)1.00
Education status
 1–12 years1.18(0.49–2.84)0.04
 HS grad/post HS1.58(1.11–2.24)
 College grad/post college (referent)1.00
Marital status
 Married/live as married1.79(1.23–2.60)
 Single (referent)1.00
U.S. region of residence
 Northeast (referent)1.00
At-risk cancer treatmenta
 No (referent)1.00

Abbreviations: HS, high school; Grad, graduate.

  • aAt-risk cancer, treatment is assigned if patient has a history of receiving one or more of the 6 listed cancer treatments.