Table 1.

Classes of families and characteristic of pancreatic cancer–affected members of BCFR

Selection criteriaProband carrier of a BRCA1 mutationProband carrier of a BRCA2 mutationProband tested negative for BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations; 2 or more BC < = 50 yearsProband tested negative for BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations; at least 1 BC
No. of families5383831,2193,659
No of individuals (men/women)11,946 (5,457/6,490)7,773 (3,502/4,271)17,037 (7,158/9,879)42,064 (18,461/23,603)
No. of PC cases676282206
57 families: 1 PC42 families: 1 PC61 families: 1 PC170 families: 1 PC
4 families: ≥2 PC7 families: ≥2PC10 families: ≥2PC16 families: ≥2PC
Gender (PC cases only)32 males35 males40 males112 males
35 females27 females42 females94 females
Mean age at diagnosis of PC65.9 y (14.9)63.1 y (11.0)66.9 y (12.7)66.9 y (12.5)

Abbreviations: BC, breast cancer; PC, pancreatic cancer.