Table 4.

Diagnostic performance of the constructed model and tumor markers

Diagnostic modelCA19-9CEA
Training set studyAUC0.928570.824200.79956
(95% confidence interval)(0.85623–0.96596)(0.70299–0.90278)(0.68711–0.87872)
Cut-off value0.513737 U/mL5 ng/mL
Sensitivity (%)86.062.844.2
Specificity (%)88.110097.6
Validation set studyAUC0.760040.797620.66488
(95% confidence interval)(0.65673–0.85564)(0.67501–0.88282)(0.55120–0.76219)
Sensitivity (%)71.469.035.7
Specificity (%)78.185.979.7
Sensitivity in PC of stage 0–IIB (%)77.855.644.4
False-positive rate in CP (%)17.430.443.5

NOTE: The ROC curves for these evaluations are shown in Figs. 1 and 2. Regarding CA19-9 and CEA, the clinical cut-off values used at our institutions were used.