Table 1.

Characteristics of SIBS women that were included in this study (n = 1,286)

Age, y61.75.4
Interval between the mammogram examination and blood sampling, mo77
Percentage density, %15.011.9
Dense area, cm267.058.8
Nondense area, cm2171.8115.2
Estradiol, pmol/La14.32.2
Testosterone, nmol/La0.661.8
SHBG, nmol/La49.41.6
BMI, kg/m227.15.2
Chest circumference under the bust, cm34.13.7
Age at menarche, y12.81.6
Age at menopause, y48.76.7
Age at first child birth, y23.64.5
HRT use
 Never users653 (50.8%)
 Past users621 (48.3%)
 Current usersb11 (0.01%)
  • aGeometric mean values.

  • bIncluded only in the calculations for density measures.