Table 3.

Correlates of HPV vaccine initiation among girls ages 11–17, 2008–2010 North Carolina CHAMP surveys

No. vaccinated/No. in category(%)Bivariate OR (95% CI)Multivariate OR (95% CI)
 2009205/491411.34 (0.96–1.87)1.46 (1.04–2.06)a
 2010174/392441.50 (1.07–2.09)a1.62 (1.13–2.32)a
Daughter characteristics
Age, y
 13–15247/609402.00 (1.36–2.95)b2.02 (1.34–3.04)b
 16–17241/478543.54 (2.37–5.28)b3.71 (2.42–5.69)b
 Non-Hispanic white425/1,04840Ref
 Non-Hispanic black83/205411.06 (0.73–1.55)
 Other65/184370.89 (0.57–1.36)
School type
 Private/home schooled47/165250.47 (0.30–0.75)a0.48 (0.30–0.78)a
Healthcare coverage
 No insurance24/9038Ref
 Public insurance136/300461.38 (0.71–2.69)
 Private insurance392/988381.01 (0.54–1.87)
 Not reported21/59381.01 (0.38–2.67)
Regular healthcare provider
 No/do not know90/25141Ref
 Yes483/1,186400.96 (0.66–1.38)
Preventive check-up in last 12 mo
 No/do not know59/28226RefRef
 Yes514/1,155432.20 (1.46–3.31)b2.09 (1.37–3.20)b
Parent characteristics
Age, y
 40–49276–709390.96 (0.68–1.36)
 ≥50166/379421.09 (0.74–1.61)
 Male88/223441.23 (0.84–1.80)
Marital status
 Married/member of unmarried couple414/1,07539Ref
 Other (divorced, widowed, separated, never married)159/362431.20 (0.87–1.65)
Employment status
 Employed for wages/self-employed418/1,02242Ref
 Other (unemployed, homemaker, student, retired, unable to work)155/415360.78 (0.57–1.06)
Flu vaccine in past y
 No/do not know323/92535RefRef
 Yes250/512491.80 (1.35–2.40)b1.74 (1.29–2.35)b
Household characteristics
Annual household income
 ≥$50,000315/770411.10 (0.82–1.48)
 Not reported42/119370.93 (0.54–1.61)
Highest education level in household
 High school or less117/28940Ref
 Some college or more456/1,148400.98 (0.69–1.40)
 Urban447/1,050421.44 (1.03–2.02)a1.34 (0.92–1.94)

NOTE: Models include data from all 3 years. Multivariate models include correlates that were statistically significant predictors of HPV vaccine uptake in bivariate models. All analyses used weighted data to account for complex survey design.