Table 3.

Cox proportional adjusted HRs (aHR) for time to resolution, according to type of cancer screening in subjects with an abnormal breast (N = 2,275) or cervical (N = 1,763) cancer screening exam during intervention time period compared with baseline time period (Boston Patient Navigation Research Program)

Screening cancerAdjusted HR (95% CI)aP
 Control sites1.0 (reference)
 Navigation sites
 Resolution before 60 days1.04 (0.83–1.30)0.746
 Resolution after 60 days1.40 (1.06–1.86)0.019
 Control sites1.0 (reference)
 Navigation sites1.46 (1.14–1.88)0.003
  • aCox proportional analysis adjusted for age, race/ethnicity, language, insurance, index abnormality, and socioeconomic status, and for clustering with community health center.