Table 2.

Multivariable-adjusted relative hazards of time-dependent prostate cancer mortality in relation to total and ionized serum calcium concentrations in men in the NHANES III with mortality linkage through 2006

Deaths 0–8 yearsDeaths 8+ years
CharacteristicRelative hazard95% CIRelative hazard95% CI
Ionized calcium (per 0.05 mmol/L)1.73(1.13–2.63)0.82(0.35–1.95)
Ionized calcium tertile 11.00Reference1.00Reference
  Tertile 21.69(0.29–9.96)0.44(0.10–1.95)
  Tertile 34.46(0.89–22.38)1.01(0.23–4.43)
Age (per year)1.13(1.10–1.17)1.14(1.10–1.17)
BMI (per kg/m2)0.86(0.73–1.01)1.06(0.98–1.15)
Serum albumin (per g/dL)0.52(0.09–3.19)0.29(0.07–1.21)
25-OH-vitamin D (per ng/mL)0.97(0.93–1.01)1.02(0.98–1.07)
Total calcium (per 0.1 mmol/L)1.49(1.04–2.14)0.75(0.57–0.99)
Total calcium tertile 11.00Reference1.00Reference
  Tertile 20.82(0.18–3.81)0.69(0.19–2.51)
  Tertile 31.76(0.46–6.78)1.08(0.26–4.41)
Age (per year)1.13(1.10–1.17)1.14(1.10–1.18)
BMI (per kg/m2)0.85(0.72–1.00)1.06(0.98–1.15)
Serum albumin (per g/dL)0.39(0.05–3.12)0.39(0.10–1.45)
25-OH-vitamin D0.97(0.93–1.02)1.02(0.98–1.07)

NOTE: Models are adjusted for age and BMI, serum albumin, and serum 25-OHD and account for survey weights and the complex sampling design of NHANES III.