Table 3.

rs1543506 is not in Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium and may affect breast cancer risk

Hardy–Weinberg equilibriumAssociation
SNPLocusVariantStudyObs HetPred HetPObs HetPred HetPORHet (95% CI)PORHom (95% CI)P
rs15435069q22.33TNBC0.470.450.220.400.452.0 × 10−41.25 (1.01–1.54)0.0390.80 (0.57–1.11)0.18
101,567,178 bpCGEMS0.490.460.0170.420.450.0251.28 (1.08–1.53)0.00560.88 (0.67–1.15)0.35
GALNT12CBCS0.460.440.090.410.440.0491.26 (1.06–1.49)0.0320.92 (0.71–1.20)0.55
BioVU0.410.430.0320.450.450.850.78 (0.65–0.93)0.00630.91 (0.69–1.20)0.50

The genes found in linkage disequilibrium with rs1543506 are GABBR2, ANKS6 and GALNT12. An odds ratio for all studies combined is not given because the test of odds ratio heterogeneity across studies was statistically significant. SNP nucleotide position is given for human genome build GRCh37/hg19.