Table 3.

Prevalence of the TMPRSS2:ERG gene fusion in men with prostate cancer from studies in the meta-analysis

Overall fusion analysisFusion mechanism analysis
CharacteristicSample sizePrevalence fusion positiveSample sizePrevalence fusion-by-deletiona
Cohort continentb,c
 North America3,21747.6%53063.2%
Tissue assayed
 Lymph node7159.2%0NA
 RP specimen9,22048.6%1,03563.1%
 TURP specimen80329.8%16571.5%

Abbreviations: RP, radical prostatectomy.

  • aAmong those for whom fusion mechanism was determined.

  • bIn radical prostatectomy specimens only.

  • cExcludes cohorts with patients from multiple regions or areas outside those listed.