Table 4.

Reasons for not having a CRC test, among respondents ages 50 to 75 years, National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), 2010

For respondents who never had any kind of CRC test (N = 2,964)For respondents who had a CRC test, but not within recommended time interval (N = 3,749)
Most important reason for not having CRC testN% (95% CI)N% (95% CI)
No reason or never thought about it1,28141.0 (38.6–43.3)1,54839.5 (37.4–41.6)
Doctor did not order it or did not say I needed it43514.9 (13.3–16.7)57815.1 (13.7–16.7)
Have not had any problems38813.6 (12.1–15.1)50914.2 (12.9–15.6)
Did not need it or did not know I needed this type of test32912.1 (10.7–13.8)40311.7 (10.4–13.2)
Too expensive or no insurance or cost1745.4 (4.5–6.4)2285.8 (5.0–6.8)
Put it off or did not get around to it1214.6 (3.8–5.7)1725.1 (4.4–6.0)
Do not have doctor993.4 (2.7–4.3)1103.0 (2.4–3.7)
Too painful, unpleasant, or embarrassing572.0 (1.4–2.8)792.1 (1.6–2.8)
Had another type of colorectal examination40.1 (0.0–0.4)50.1 (0.0–0.3)
Other762.8 (2.1–3.7)1173.3 (2.7–4.1)

NOTE: This question was asked of respondents who had not had a colonoscopy in the past 10 years, sigmoidoscopy in the past 5 years, CT colonography in the past 5 years, or FOBT in the past year.