Table 3.

Impact of BRCA1/2 test result on psychosocial outcomes among women affected by cancer

VariableTotal R2ΔR2dfFinal β
Genetic testing distress
Model 10.10a0.10a6, 347
 Randomized to intervention0.08
 Pretest cancer distress0.12b
 Pretest cancer anxiety0.06
 Risk reducing oophorectomy−0.09
Model 20.20a0.10a7, 346
 Genetic test result0.41b
Genetic testing uncertainty
Model 10.10a0.10a4, 343
 Pretest cancer distress0.04
 Pretest anxiety0.21b
Model 20.13a0.03b5, 342
 Genetic test result0.18b
Perceived stress
Model 10.16a0.16a4, 349
 Pretest anxiety0.30a
 Pretest cancer distress0.14b
Model 20.18a0.02b5, 348
 Genetic test result0.14b

NOTE: Bivariate predictors (P < 0.10) were entered in Model 1. Test result was entered in Model 2 and the change in R2 was tested for significance. Reference for test result is uninformative. Standardized betas (β) represent betas in the final model.