Table 1.

Age-adjusteda means and proportions among 3,918 men with prostate cancer by the 1st, 3rd, and 5th quintile of total dairy, low-fat dairy, and full fat dairy intakeb at start of follow-up

Total dairy intakeLow-fat dairy intakeFull fat dairy
Median intake, serving/d0.
Age at diagnosis, y68.369.169.868.768.669.869.469.269.3
Caucasian, %93.997.
Family history of prostate cancer, %9.910.111.09.611.310.410.610.611.7
TNM stage, %
Gleason score, %
PSA at diagnosis, %
Treatment, %
 Radical prostatectomy48.351.649.346.450.150.049.948.848.5
 Radiation therapy36.733.136.037.435.836.
 Hormonal treatment5.
 Active surveillance7.
BMI, kg/mb25.625.726.025.925.625.825.225.826.2
Current smokers, %
Physical activity, MET-h/wk34.833.937.333.534.736.336.234.836.5
Tomato sauce intake, servings/wk1.
α-linolenic acid intake, g/d1.
PSA screening, v%c95.194.495.593.196.895.997.394.194.9
  • aAdjusted for age at prostate cancer diagnosis (<60, 60–64, 65–69, 70–74, and 75+).

  • bQuintiles of servings per day.

  • cEver had a PSA test for routine screening; restricted to men diagnosed after 1992.