Table 4.

Long-term impact of BRCA1/2 test results on psychosocial outcomes among women unaffected by cancer

VariableTotal R2ΔR2dfFinal β
Genetic testing distress
Model 10.13a0.13a3, 103
 Marital status0.13
 Pretest cancer distress0.31a
 Risk reducing mastectomy−0.36a
Model 20.25b0.12b4, 102
 Genetic test result0.39b
Genetic testing positive experiences
Model 10.08a0.08a3, 99
 First-degree relatives w/breast/ovarian cancer0.06
 Pretest cancer distress0.20a
Model 20.14a0.06a4, 98
 Genetic test result−0.25a

NOTE: Bivariate predictors (P < 0.10) were entered in Model 1. Test Result was entered in Model 2 and the change in R2 was tested for significance. Reference for test result is True Negative. Standardized betas (β) represent betas in the final model.