Table 1.

Characteristics of SCC cases and controls, Tampa, FL, 2007 to 2009

SCC cases (n = 173)Controls (n = 300)
Age, y (mean, SD)64.4(9.9)55.4(11.7)<0.0001
 ≤12 y3321.4299.8
 >12 y12178.626790.20.001
Smoking statusb
 Never smoker4730.715049.8
 Ever smoker10669.314950.2<0.0001
Alcohol consumptionb
 1+ drinks in past year12279.726087.3
 No drinks in past year3120.33812.80.04
Eye colorb
 Light brown1711.13511.8
 Dark brown2013.18127.30.01
Hair colorb
Skin's reaction to repeated sun exposureb
 Unable to tan2516.3227.5
 Can tan if you work at it7247.19933.6
 Tans easily5636.617459.0<0.0001
History of a blistering sunburnb
Ever had a job in the sun for 3+ monthsb
  • aP values obtained from χ2 tests comparing characteristics of SCC with controls, except for age, which was compared between SCC cases and controls by the Wilcoxon rank-sum test.

  • bNumbers do not sum to the total because of missing data on these factors.