Table 2.

Changes in knowledge about breast cancer risk factors and screening

Intervention (N = 232)Control (N = 221)Comparison between intervention and control groups
PrePostMcNemar testPrePostMcNemar testχ2 testGEE modela
Variables(%)(%)P(%)(%)PP for preP for timeP for groupPinteraction
Believe that women 40 and older should have annual mammogram25.971.1<0.00117.243.9<0.0010.025<0.001<0.0010.033
Believe that women 40 and older are more likely to develop breast cancer56.069.8<0.00146.647.10.9030.0450.009<0.0010.014
Believe that the following risk factors are related to breast cancer
 Family history of breast cancer96.195.70.78295.594.10.5130.7320.3830.2590.938
 Early start of menstruation14.775.0<0.00118.157.9<0.0010.322<0.0010.0910.001
 Late menopause27.671.1<0.00125.359.3<0.0010.588<0.0010.0180.134
 High fat diets and obesity46.183.2<0.00148.976.5<0.0010.558<0.0010.2110.074
 Alcohol use38.880.6<0.00137.662.0<0.0010.787<0.0010.002<0.001
  • aAdjusted for education level that was significantly different between the two treatment groups.