Table 1.

Characteristics of men from the MACS and women from the WIHS at the time of their enrollment into this study between April 2009 and March 2010

Women: WIHS (%)Men: MACS (%)
DemographicsOverall (N = 645)HIV-positive (N = 187)HIV-negative (N = 93)HIV-positive (N = 192)HIV-negative (N = 173)
Age, y
Race and ethnicity
 White non-Hispanic27111105974
 African American non-Hispanic32270764025
 Hispanic (any race)40151201
 Other race124211
 Any college education39730378089
 High school degree1263032166
 <High school degree119403254
Study site
 Chicago (MACS and WIHS)17732342719
 Baltimore (MACS)175NANA4155
 Pittsburgh (MACS)105NANA3227
 Bronx (WIHS)933234NANA
 Brooklyn (WIHS)953531NANA
Number of cigarettes smoked per day past 6 mo
 <1 (“non-smoker”)41954526882
Number of alcoholic drinks consumed past 6 mo
 <1 month (“non-drinker”)30767544131
 1/month to <2/wk16719242734
 ≥15 or more/wk4425812
Sexual activity
Any sexual activity in last 6 mo
Number of male or female partners conducted oral sex on in last 6 mo
Among those conducting oral sex in last 6 mo: always used barrier
Number of rimming partners in last 6 moa
Lifetime number of oral sex partners
 0–4 partners21866678.09
 4–19 partners12021191817
 20–99 partners140792938
 ≥100 partners159644535
HIV related
Current HAART use
Current CD4 cell count, cells/μL
Current HIV viral load, copies/mL
Nadirb CD4 cell count, cells/μL
  • aData on number of rimming partners were only available in the MACS.

  • bThis was the nadir (lowest) CD4 cell count observed while in the MACS/WIHS study.