Table 3.

Changes in HBM measures in the intervention group (means and SDs)

VariablesPrePostPaired t test (P)
I feel, I will get breast cancer sometime during my life.2.6 (1.0)2.8 (0.9)<0.001
I worry about myself getting breast cancer.2.7 (1.1)3.0 (1.0)0.011
My whole life would change if I had breast cancer.3.6 (1.1)3.8 (0.9)0.015
Breast cancer would have a very bad effect on my family.3.5 (1.1)3.6 (1.0)0.116
Having a mammogram is the best way for me to find breast cancer at early stage.4.1 (0.9)4.3 (0.7)0.003
Having a mammogram will decrease my chance of dying from breast cancer.4.0 (0.9)4.2 (0.7)0.015
Having a mammogram will be painful and unpleasant.2.6 (0.8)2.4 (0.8)0.004
I am scared to have a mammogram because I might learn that I have cancer.2.2 (0.9)2.2 (0.9)0.710
I feel capable of arranging a mammogram for myself.3.6 (0.8)3.8 (0.7)<0.001
I am confident about my abilities to get a mammogram.3.6 (0.8)3.9 (0.7)<0.001