Table 2.

Association of reported history of cataract with invasive ovarian carcinoma

CataractControlsAll casesSerousNonserousStages I and IIStages III and IVGrade I and II (low)Grade III and IV (high)
N (%)N (%)OR (95% CI)NOR (95% CI)NOR (95% CI)NOR (95% CI)NOR (95% CI)NOR (95% CI)NOR (95% CI)
No919 (83)613 (86)1.02651.03481.02871.03021.01961.03231.0
Yes182 (17)96 (14)0.6 (0.4–0.8)500.6 (0.4–0.9)460.6 (0.4–0.9)470.7 (0.5–1.1)480.5 (0.4–0.8)220.5 (0.3–0.8)620.6 (0.5–0.9)
  • aORs, 95% CIs, and P values from the logistic regression models including age (continuous), ethnicity, center, education, body mass index, family history of ovarian cancer, parity, tubal ligation, hysterectomy, menopausal status, use of contraceptive and menopausal hormones, smoking, alcohol consumption, and history of thyroid disease and diabetes mellitus.

  • bWald test P value for heterogeneity of cataract association with ovarian carcinoma by histology, stage, and grade strata.