Table 2.

Demographic and skin cancer risk factors in association with MCV seropositivity among 300 controls

MCV seropositive
Age, y
Education, y
Smoking status
 Never smoker15011375.3
 Ever smoker14910771.80.49
Alcohol consumption
 1+ drinks in past year26018571.2
 No drinks in past year383386.80.04
Eye color
 Light brown352571.4
 Dark brown815567.90.27
Hair color
Skin's reaction to repeated sun exposure
 Unable to tan221986.4
 Can tan if you work at it996969.7
 Tans easily17412773.00.28
History of blistering sunburn
Ever had a job in the sun for 3+ months
  • aPercentages indicate the proportion of controls that are MCV seropositive versus MCV seronegative in a given row.

  • bχ2 P value.