Table 1.

Age-standardized characteristics by categories of cumulative average coffee consumption among women in the NHS cohort, 1992a

Coffee intake
Characteristic<1 cup/d1 cup/d2–3 cups/d≥4 cups/d
Age, y56.057.957.757.2
BMI, kg/m226.526.225.925.9
BMI ≥ 30, %22191717
Ever smoked, %41516172
Diabetes, %6643
Hypertension, %32332825
Age at menarche, y12.512.512.512.4
Oral contraceptive use, %48505049
Nulliparous, %7766
Parity among parous women3.
Age at last birth, y31.531.531.531.3
Postmenopausal, %64666766
Age at menopause, yb50.
Current postmenopausal hormone use, %b24252726
Alcohol, g/d4.
Tea, cup/d1.
  • aValues that are not percentages are means unless otherwise indicated. Data, except age, were directly standardized to the age distribution of the cohort.

  • bAge at menopause and postmenopausal hormone use were calculated among postmenopausal women only.