Table 4.

Interaction analysis between rs4919743 and rs4741304a

rs4919743 (A/G)brs4741304 (G/T)bInteraction
PopulationPPOR (95% CI)Pinteractionβ
JHH0.0040.0020.89 (0.68–1.16)0.37−0.12
CGEMS0.0045.00E-040.66 (0.44–1.00)0.05−0.41
CAPS2.41E-050.0020.72 (0.56–0.92)0.008−0.33
Combined7.37E-145.94E-070.78 (0.66–0.92)0.002−0.25
  • aThe additive genetic model was used for the interaction analyses over the 3 individual (CGEMS, JHH, and CAPS) and their combined populations.

  • bThe parenthesis indicates minor/major alleles. The minor alleles were risk alleles in the additive model. β, coefficient for the multiplicative interaction term.