Table 3.

Patient questions raised in the context of CRC screening (n = 270 patient questions)

Question category/question topic definitionFrequency (%)
Screening logistics121 (45)
 Questions about scheduling the screening (i.e., who calls, who to call, when to schedule, appointments are not available on Saturday, referral is needed)83 (31)
 Questions about where does the testing take place34 (12)
 Questions about needing a driver to have the colonoscopy4 (2)
Screening process79 (29)
 Questions about the test process (e.g., “What is involved with the test itself including sedation, pain, polyp removal?”)49 (18)
 Questions about test preparation (e.g., diet or bowel cleansing)18 (7)
 Questions about test frequency8 (3)
 Questions about anticipated test results or steps following the test4 (2)
 Screening purpose25 (9)
 Questions requesting clarification of test or testing purpose [e.g., “What are stool cards for?”, “What is that (colonoscopy)?”, “What is it for?”, “Is that for lung cancer?”, “Who is a GI specialist?”]25 (9)
Screening alternatives12 (4)
 Questions about alternative tests (e.g., virtual colonoscopy)12 (4)
Screening risks/benefits6 (2)
 Questions about risk for colon cancer4 (2)
 Questions about the risk of the test2 (1)
Other27 (10)
 Questions about other conditions and colonoscopy (e.g., diverticulitis, hemorrhoids)5 (2)
 Questions/request to delay getting the test3 (1)
 Questions seeking physician advice about screening (e.g., “Should I get it?”, “Which GI specialist do you recommend?”)19 (7)

Abbreviation: GI, gastrointestinal.