Table 3.

HRs for prostate cancer-specific mortality associated with the cumulative number of at-risk genotypes for a panel of 5 validated SNPs

Seattle cohortSwedish cohort
Number of at-risk genotypesaNumber at-risk/Number of fatal eventsHRb95% CIHRc95% CINumber at-risk/Number of fatal eventsHRb95% CIHRc95% CI
  • aGenotypes for SNPs rs1137100, rs627839, rs2070874, rs10778534, and rs5993891; patients missing data for any of the 5 SNP genotypes were excluded from the analysis (Seattle n = 158; Sweden n = 52).

  • bHR adjusted for age at diagnosis; Ptrend = 0.0005 in the Swedish cohort.

  • cHR adjusted for age at diagnosis, stage, Gleason score, diagnostic PSA, and primary treatment; Ptrend = 0.001 in the Swedish cohort.