Table 2.

mtDNA copy number levels by selected characteristics

Smoking status
Alcohol use
BMI, kg/m2
 ≥25 and <30971.080.841.041.23
 ≥ 30161.090.901.011.36
Regular moderate or vigorous physical activity
 ≤3 MET h/d971.120.861.051.270.58
 >3 MET h/d311.080.921.011.21
Family history of gastric cancer
NSAID use, within past year
Regular multiple vitamin use
H. pylori positivea
Age at baseline, y
Fruits/vegetables intake, g/d

NOTE: P value comparing mtDNA copy number between different levels of characteristic (ANOVA and Wilcoxon).

Abbreviation: MET, metabolic equivalent.

  • aH. pylori status available on 244 controls only.