Table 1.

Age-standardized characteristics of 61,226 women aged 40 to 74 years in the Swedish Mammography Cohort according to sucrose consumption

Sucrose (table sugar), g/d
Participants, n11,34518,58912,91118,381
Age, y54.953.553.453.5
BMI, kg/m225.224.824.524.6
History of smoking, %32.729.827.526.4
Diagnosis of diabetes, %
Energy intake, kcal1,2101,4661,6541,886
Coffee, g/d433431435449
Alcohol, g/d2.
Total fat, g/d39.046.452.860.5
Tea, g/d107.6131.3141.1143.4
Age at menarche, y13.213.213.313.3
Number of children2.
Oral contraceptive use, %41.043.543.541.9
Age at menopause, y50.
Postmenopausal hormone therapy, %45.049.349.647.7
Education ≥12 y, %11.813.313.712.2

NOTE: All values other than for age have been directly standardized according to the age distribution of the cohort.