Table 2

The association between H. pylori infection and risk of gastric adenocarcinoma (adjusted for sex, age, and hospital)

Type of gastric cancerCasesAll included controlsControls with normal mucosa
(no.)(no.)OR (95% CI)a(no.)OR (95% CI)a
All gastric adenocarcinoma
H. p negb151111 (Reference)431 (Reference)
H. p pos572132.1 (1.1–3.9)712.1 (1.0–4.6)
Noncardia cancer
H. p neg121111 (Reference)431 (Reference)
H. p pos522132.4 (1.2–4.8)712.6 (1.1–5.8)
Cardia cancer
H. p neg31111 (Reference)431 (Reference)
H. p pos52130.7 (0.2–3.2)710.7 (0.1–3.4)
Intestinal type
H. p neg91111 (Reference)431 (Reference)
H. p pos312131.9 (0.9–4.3)712.1 (0.8–5.3)
Diffuse type
H. p neg51111 (Reference)431 (Reference)
H. p pos202132.2 (0.8–6.2)712.1 (0.7–6.5)
  • a Same subset of controls are used as reference for all groups of gastric cancer.

  • b H. p neg, H. pylori negative; H. p pos, H. pylori positive.