Table 3

ORs (95% CIs) for stomach cancer by quartiles of antibody titer, controlling for age and sex

H. pylori antigenOR by quartile group (95% CI)P for trend
Dutch strains1.01.31 (0.61–2.80)0.51 (0.22–1.19)0.31 (0.12–0.78)0.003
Venezuelan strains1.01.10 (0.53–2.27)0.64 (0.30–1.38)0.64 (0.29–1.39)0.13
French strains1.01.05 (0.51–2.15)0.47 (0.22–1.01)0.24 (0.10–0.59)0.0004
Commercial kit1.01.61 (0.90–2.90)0.79a (0.46–1.38)0.14
  • a The upper two quartile groups were merged for the commercial kit because of the large number of subjects with ELISA indices >300, which were censored.