Table 3

Factors associated with HPV 6 and 11 positivity, multivariate analysis

Crude ORAdjusted ORCI 95%
No. of life sexual partnersa4.32.00.8–5.3
Condom usec0.60.80.4–1.5
HPV 16,18,33 seropositivityd3.62.91.6–5.2
Chlamydia seropositivitye1.20.90.4–2.2
  • a In five categories: 1, 2–3, 4–5, 6–10, and >10 lifetime number of sexual partners.

  • b Ever versus never.

  • c Almost always or always versus never or occasionally.

  • d Positive for any type versus negative for all 3 HPV types.

  • e Positive in microimmunofluorescence versus negative.