Table 5

Crude and corrected diagnostic indexes for cytology alone, HPV testing, and their combination in primary screening of cervical lesions ascertained by colposcopy and histologya

Screening testDefinition of positive resultUncorrected (relative) estimatesbCorrected estimatesb
A. CIN-I or worse lesions
Pap cytologyASCUS or worse45.064.046.962.214.292.945.272.4
LSIL or worse28.484.155.862.48.497.356.072.0
HSIL or worse7.194.648.
HPV testPositive62.166.156.571.220.893.356.374.0
CombinationHPV+ or ≥ ASCUS78.
HPV+ or ≥ LSIL70.459.855.374.123.392.255.474.4
HPV+ or ≥ HSIL63.963.655.471.421.392.955.474.1
B. CIN-II/III or worse lesions
Pap cytologyASCUS or worse55.961.811.793.940.291.610.798.4
LSIL or worse38.280.515.193.526.896.215.098.1
HSIL or worse20.695.
HPV testPositive85.358.015.697.768.190.615.499.1
CombinationHPV+ or ≥ ASCUS97.138.512.599.376.385.912.099.3
HPV+ or ≥ LSIL97.151.315.399.576.389.315.299.3
HPV+ or ≥ HSIL91.256.115.998.672.090.315.799.2
  • a The colposcopical diagnosis was used if no histological information was available.

  • b Relative to lesion grade diagnosed: any CIN or worse in A and only CIN-II/III or worse in B. Corrected estimates control for the verification bias caused by preferential colposcopy referral of positive cases.