Table 3

Combined segregation/linkage analysis of CMM, incorporating covariates TN, DN, and SI (CC method)

ModelAllele frequency CDKN2A+α(−)α(+)β(age)Total NeviDysplastic NeviSolar Injury−2ln L
TN β(−)TN β(+)DN β(−)DN β(+)SI β(−)SI β(+)
1. No sun-related covariates0.06−10.9−8.61.61134.88
2. TN added to model0.06−11.2−[=β(−)]1113.75
2a. TN-CDKN2A interaction0.06−11.3−
3. DN added to model0.06−12.2−[=β(−)]1087.33
3a. DN-CDKN2A interaction0.06−13.0−
4. SI added to model0.06−10.9−8.51.6−0.2[=β(−)]1134.25
5. TN and DN added0.06−12.2−[=β(−)]2.2[=β(−)]1082.75
5a. TN-CDKN2A inter; and DN0.06−12.2−[=β(−)]1082.25
5b. DN-CDKN2A inter; and TN0.06−13.0−[=β(−)]3.01.21078.51
  • a −, CDKN2A mutation absent; +, CDKN2A mutation present. α, genotype-specific baseline parameter [e.g., α(−) is CDKN2A mutation absent baseline parameter]; β, regression coefficients of covariates [e.g., TN β(+) is CDKN2A mutation present regression coefficient of TN];β

  • * , regression coefficient, not genotype specific.